Finding Old Poems

Just when you least expect it, life puts something in front of you that you can’t ignore.

For the past year, I’ve been cleaning out and organizing files, records, pictures, and assorted miscellany that comes with being the family historian.

That’s when I found them – poems I wrote in junior high, high school, and the first few years after I joined the Air Force.

Somewhere along the line, I just stopped, I can’t even say why. Life, and other priorities, I guess. I did find one poem I wrote while deployed to Kuwait in 1997, six years after my last one. But none after that.

Reading these emotions of my youth rekindled a deep desire to explore poetry once again to express my inner thoughts, and make sense of the world around me.

I couldn’t wait to get started!

Turning to the back pages of my generic spiral writing notebook this past weekend, I just started writing whatever came to mind. Years of pent up poems flowed easily and smoothly onto the paper as I wrote for nearly two hours!

I was so excited at being back in touch with my poetry that I ordered two Moleskine notebooks and confidently had them engraved with Lisa’s Poems Volume 1 and Lisa’s Poems Volume 2. They should arrive in the next week or so.

Poetry frees my soul and lifts my heart.
I’m sorry we lost touch for so long,
But the reunion is all that matters now.

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