Writing Journal Entry 5

Weekly post to keep me accountable for what I want to accomplish. Click to see all journal entries.

Accomplished 20 – 26 Jul 2019

I was in a pretty good groove this past week!

1. I formatted my short story about Shaundra for Kindle.

2. I worked on my collection of short stories about the women in my family, focusing on Elizabeth Wellman Winney.

3. I did some intense work on my second Fall submission for the The First Line. It’s due August 1st.

4. I did a lot of research, and some writing, for my story of the Blessing sisters that will be critiqued at November’s Fairfax Genealogical Society Family History Writing SIG.

Planned for Next Week

1. I’m going to a Fairfax County Library where they have a room dedicated to Virginia history and genealogy to see if I can get more info on the Blessing family. Their roots are in Shenandoah, VA.

Working on this story will be my main focus for next week.

2. Finalize and submit my poem for the Fall edition of the The First Line.

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