the gamble

You released your ambitions

to stay with the girl

in the green overall shorts

who moved through life

like the orange, yellow, and blue

pattern swirling and twirling

across her tie-dyed shirt.

You exchanged a dream,

pursued for years,

to stay with the girl,

no guarantees.

I wore your decision

like a heavy chain,

my soul weighted by the what ifs.

What if…

   we fell out of love?

   you regretted your choice?

   you resented me?

Not now, not in a year,

but down the road

when the delights of new love

morph into routine, habits, and ruts.

White static suffocates

your replies,

   (We won’t.)

   (I won’t.)


Slowly your voice penetrates my doubts,

and rises crystal clear,

   We can’t divine the future,

   all we know is now.

I chose the girl, and would again,


when we’re together,

we’re sailing not drowning.

Ⓒ 2019 Lisa Shaughnessy

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