our hillside home

This poem was written by Eleanor Jane Davis McGlothlen Kirkpatrick Newhouse, my 4th Great Grandmother in 1885, after moving to Washington Territory (not yet a state) from Oregon.

                  Once we was happy
                  in our hillside home,
                  our children all there,
                  none venturing to roam.

                  There were five of the girls
                  and three of the boys,
                  and they shared with each other
                  their sorrows and joys.

                  They was kindly affectionate
                  one toward the other,
                  as is always becoming
                  in sisters and brothers.

                  The girls at the house
                  preparing meals with a will,
                  the boys with their father
                  going to work in the mill.

                  Which was not very far off;
                  they could go very quick
                  for it was just over on
                  the bank of Beaver Creek.

                  And as they went through
                  the meadow, you see,
                  they could pick some apples
                  from the old apple tree.

                  And when the meal was ready,
                  if there was nothing to hinder
                  when they heard the call,
                  they would all come to dinner.

                  But if customers was there
                  and a trade to be made,
                  it was their father who generally stayed.

                  For business was business
                  in the good days of old
                  and he would tend to that
                  first if his dinner got cold.

                  When the boys had time
                  from work and from book,
                  they would catch some trout
                  from the babbling brook.

                  And sometimes perhaps
                  they’d go up the mill race
                  with guns and hounds
                  and have a deer chase.

                  And sometimes the girls
                  with hearts light as fairies
                  would to to the woods
                  and gather blackberries.

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