100 Day Book

I have so many ideas for stories and books that I want to get out of my head. As a writer, I’m thrilled to know I’ll be working for awhile before I need new ideas. It also means that I’m writing four books at the same time, because I’m adding things to each one as thoughts come to me.

What if I took all the time I’m spending collectively on four books, and focus on just one?

I was mulling over this when an email from The Write Practice popped into my inbox with the subject line of “Are you coming to our LIVE training today?” I didn’t even know they were having a live training, but the timing was too good to ignore. I clicked on the registration link and signed up to attend.

You never know how these free webinars are going to go. Some people spend 30 minutes talking about themselves before getting to the content you signed up to hear. Others spend 10 minutes on the content and then 40 minutes on selling you their program. Now, I always expect some selling on these free webinars, but that’s taking it way too far.

So I was pleasantly surprised with Joe Bunting’s presentation,  “Better Book Ideas: Tuesday Afternoon”. He gave great ideas on how to find your book idea; what the “two worlds” method is and how to use it; how to test your book idea; and a structured process to follow. Even if I didn’t buy whatever he was going to pitch, I’d gained valuable information I could use right away.

The end of webinar call to action was for the “100 Day Book” program (NOT an affiliate link). For $32 a month I thought, why not? If I’m going to get my stories out there, I actually need to finish them. So I took the next step to writing my first non-business book and joined the program.

It starts in a few weeks, but we have some things to work on and exercises to prepare us. Each week there will be lessons, writing homework, accountability, and feedback. I thought $32 per month was more than reasonable for all of the program’s bells and whistles.

Mary Heuertz and Her Daughters

The book I’m going to write during this program is the one that I started as blog posts, then expanded to a short story on two half sisters, then expanded even more to include their mother. It all started with letters from a mysterious “Aunt Kathryn” that I couldn’t find in the family tree. She lived in Iowa and wrote the letters to my great grandparents who lived in California.

I made some interesting discoveries and uncovered some family secrets while researching her so I thought it would be an interesting story.

We’ll see if others feel the same after I publish it :).

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