Trading Ideas for Visions

In pursuit of becoming a better writer, I’m learning from more experienced authors. One of the blogs I follow is K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors, which has great tips that are easy to apply to my own writing.

One of her posts is Never Name an Emotion in Your Story. I’ve heard this many times, but I didn’t fully grasp how to do this well, and consistently.

K.M.’s post clearly showed the differences and how to dig deeper into what the emotion would look like, rather than tell the reader how the character felt. Check it out if you’re struggling like this as I was.

The post was made even better when she mentioned that Robert Olen Butler’s book, From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction, could really help with that. I immediately went to get the book.

I’m only a few chapters in, but I highly recommend his book to anyone who’s interested in writing better stories.

He talks about having a vision for your stories, and not just an idea. That was such an aha moment for me. Ideas are superficial and just skim the surface, which is how my writing was turning out. Visions are deep and powerful. I had to change my mindset and let myself and my mind wander around in my visions and fully immerse myself in them so I can tell richer stories and writer more emotionally connected poems.

This post is my reminder that from now on, I’m only talking in terms of story visions and banishing the word “ideas”. What do you think of this concept?

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