What the Fates Allow

A few weeks ago in my Running is Writing post, I mentioned a collection of short stories that came to me during a run. I’ve since updated the titles for the stories and nailed down the topics for the five that will be included in the collection.

I’ve always been intrigued by fate, chance, and interpreting, or misinterpreting it. What I’ve come to realize is that sometimes we are just pawns in others’ destinies, and somewhere, unbeknownst to us, another person is playing that role for us.

Once we look at it in those terms, does it change the way we perceive what happens to us? For example, if I meet someone and we hit it off and are amazed at how well we get along, but something happens and we part ways. Do I see it as a loss or look for what I have gained by being with that person? What would I not have done, or said, or become, if that person hadn’t come into my life, however briefly?

If we focus on what we think is the reason for why we met someone or an event played out, or try to force our desired version to come true, we may miss the real reason this person crossed our path, or feel a loss when we should have seen what we gained.

My collection of short stories explores fate and destiny from several different angles, and broadens the definition of what a happy ending is.

The final story titles are:
What The Fates Allow
When the World Needs Two
I’m Going to Marry Him
Sing Me A Poem
Tied With A Bow (well this one is subject to change)

I already have rough first drafts for each story. Hope to have them ready for professional editing by the mid-October.

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