Brainstorming With My Sister

One of the short stories I’m writing about fate and relationships is loosely based on my dad’s mom and the two sons she had. Several themes emerged from the words I’d poured onto the pages, but I didn’t know what should prevail.

Luckily for me, I visited my sister last week and we had a chance to chat about the story in person. She asked a lot of questions about what I wanted for the story and what I thought the theme was. She also offered her own ideas based on her thoughts and experience.

What emerged from our convos was exactly what the story should be about. Her insight and ability to keep going deeper and asking questions was invaluable. When she said, “Here’s what I’m getting from your story and what keeps coming up for me – everyone sacrifices in life and has hardships. This is our story of suffering and hardship and the good that came from our personal sacrifices.”

Yes!! I was so excited when she said this. The story I was trying to tell made so much more sense to me now. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful and amazing sister who I can share anything with.

Get input from people you trust on your stories. They have a unique perspective from their own experience that could be invaluable. Even if you don’t use what they say, just to talk out your story idea can be helpful for you to gain clarity on what you want to say.

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