Writing Journal Entry 13

Weekly post to keep me accountable for what I want to accomplish. Click to see all journal entries.

Accomplished 14 – 20 Sep 2019

1. After neglecting it last week, I worked for about five hours this week on the Blessing sisters’ story for the Fairfax Genealogical Society’s Family History Writing SIG. Most of it was getting the source citations in the right format, but I also added to the story and tightened it up. Deadline is October 1, 2019.

2. Met the second deadline of the 100 Day Book program for my story about half sisters Elizabeth Wellman Winney and Kathryn Lorenz Brucher, and their mother, Mary Heuertz Wellman Lorenz. I posted my book plan and the first few chapters.

Doing this program has really lit a fire under me for getting this story done! Before I would’ve put it off to work on something else, but the weekly deadlines are forcing me to put it on the front burner. I’m excited to get this first family story done!

3. I didn’t mean to create new stories for my collection of short stories about fate, chance, and coincidences, but visions for them came to me so I had to put them down. Maybe fate stories are my thing haha.

That paragraph was written last week, and it still applies for this week. I thought of two more stories for my “fate” collection. I’m fitting them in between the projects that have deadlines, and so far they don’t seem to be interfering. I think I’m going to have one ready for workshopping in my critique groups by mid next week.

But, I did put writing poetry on hold until after the 100 Day Book Program ends. I’m planning to pick that back up in the new year.

Planned for Next Week

1. Work on each of the above writing projects that have deadlines, and fit in my short stories when I have time.

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