One Stop For Writers

I was working on my story, “Sing Me a Poem”, trying to improve my showing, not telling skills, when I saw a tweet about One Stop For Writers (not an affiliate link) Emotions Thesaurus. Just what I need to help me create a more interesting story!

Excited about this new find, I headed on over to the site. Once I got there, I was amazed at all of resources they had. It definitely held promise of living up to its name.

After diving into the Emotions Thesaurus, I skimmed through the Positive Traits and Negative Traits Thesauruses (Thesauri??). Wow! So much to take in. The possibilities for all of my stories danced in my head.

Then I went back to the home page and found out just how many resources there were. Ok, now I knew I would have what I needed to help me create and build my characters, their world, and the stories they would tell.

Adding Depth

I had a rough outline for Jennifer and Paul, my two main characters. The Character Builder was so easy to use to fill in the blanks for each of them, plus a few side characters.

I then moved to the Story Maps section. I had a pretty good idea of how the story would evolve, but creating a story map for it brought it to the next level. Filling in each section triggered brainstorming and deeper visions for the story. I had felt stuck in a few places, but the story map helped get me back on track.

The Timelines Saved Me

By the time I found this awesome site, I had visions for ten stories about fate, relationships, and love. In my mind, they were individual short stories. But as I said in this post, the characters wanted to interact with each other and be in the same universe.

Why the hell not, I thought, let’s do it! But that was a lot of characters, places, and events to moosh together that would be both cohesive and believable. So I turned to the Timelines tool where I plotted each characters birth month and year, when significant events happened in the stories, and when they would have crossed paths.

Now I can clearly see how the whole story plays out over three generations. I understand who knows who, and how and when so each story will be readable on its own, but introduce other characters at the right time for their own story plots to make sense. The picture that’s at the top of this blog post is a screenshot of just a few of timeline points I’ve created.

I’d love to talk more about this awesome site, but I need to get back to world building :). Here’s the link again if you want to check it out, It’s not an affiliate link, I just want to pass on resources that have helped me.

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