Writing Journal Entry 22 thru 24

Weekly post to keep me accountable for what I want to accomplish. Click to see all journal entries.

Accomplished 16 Nov – 6 Dec 2019

Having your basement remodeled and preparing to host 26 people for Thanksgiving sure has a way of messing with a person’s schedule! I’m wicked behind on posting my accountability. But, I still got some writing done.

1. As a result of posting The Blessing sisters’ story on my Family History blog as a series, someone contacted me out of the blue and said they had seven original letters written by my ancestors between 1822 and 1852. They shared copies with me and filled in all sorts of gaps I had with dates, names, and places. It was amazing to read these nearly 200 years after they were written!

2. I met all of the deadlines of the 100 Day Book program for my story about the sisters in my family tree. I’m up to a total of 49,716 words so a little ahead of my goal. Only a few more weeks of this program and I can work on my next project.

3. I’ve decided that larger family story I’m going to write first is the one about my 3x great grandmother “Grandma Newhouse” and her life on the Oregon Trail and a pioneer in Oregon and Washington states. I have so much original material to work with, and their lives were fascinating.

Planned for Next Week

1. Work on meeting next week’s 100 Day Book program deadline. Only a few more weeks to go. I’m going to try to write ahead of schedule next week so I can start on my “Grandma Newhouse” story as soon as possible.

2. Write a new post for my blog about women in my family tree so I can keep that blog fresh. I had this on the schedule the past two weeks and it didn’t get done. I should have more time next week to get back on track.

3. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a personal narrative post on this site as a writing practice piece.

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