How I’m Using Dragon Anywhere to Write More

Now that I’m in my groove of writing, my old carpal tunnel issues are resurfacing on my right hand. On a good day I had been writing up to 3000 words. But with the pain in my fingers, wrist, and forearm I just couldn’t keep up that pace.

I already use an app called Just Record on my iWatch to dictate story ideas when I’m running. But that didn’t allow me to put in punctuation or move to a different line, or other things that would make less work for me on the editing side.

As I was searching through writing Facebook groups a few people suggested the iPhone and iPad app Dragon Anywhere. I used their free trial to try it out and see if it worked. After just a few days, I was very happy with the difference it has made. In fact I am dictating this blog post through the app.

It’s weird for me to be talking a story out instead of writing. I’m still stumbling and I sometimes have more lulls than if I were typing, but my hands appreciate the break so I’m going to keep going with the dictation method of writing as much as possible. I have seem some improvement – I’m now up to dictating about 800 words in 20 minute blocks.

So if you are a writer and whether you writing stories or blogs or just any online writing I would highly suggest checking out the Dragon Anywhere app to see if it can work for you.

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