Writing Journal Entry 1

Each Friday I’ll post what I worked on during the previous week. This will keep me accountable to what I want to accomplish.

Accomplished 22 – 28 Jun 2019

I worked on my short story about a friend I had at my first Air Force duty station, Spangdahlem AB, Germany. It’s kind of slow going because I’m trying to figure out the best way to tell the story.

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Why I Love Critiques

In my post, Finding My Writing Style, I mentioned that I actively solicit critiques and feedback from others about my writing. One site that I joined, and love, is The Write Practice. The members genuinely want to help others improve their writing, so I always look forward to reading critiques they’ve left for me – even when (especially when) they’re less than positive.

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Working with My Writing Style

As much as I want to write creatively, my brain isn’t wired like that. Writing business books and blogs was easy for me because I like facts, and I’m good at breaking that type of information down for people to easily implement. Or, as my husband would say, I’m good at telling people what to do :).

My current works in progress (WIPs) are about friends and family histories, so my previous writing style is the exact opposite of what I need now. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I have.

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Finding My Writing Voice

I didn’t think the move from writing business blog posts and books to creative non-fiction was going to be easy. I just didn’t think the hard part would be finding my new writing voice. I’ve been writing blog posts about interesting family stories for a few years, so I thought of my long form writing as just an extension of those posts.

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