Writing Journal Entry 17

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Accomplished 12 – 18 Oct 2019

1. The Blessing sisters’ story for the Fairfax Genealogical Society’s Family History Writing SIG is done – including footnotes!! After the SIG has critiqued it and gives feedback, I’ll put it on my Family History blog as a series. Deadline is October 25, 2019.

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a kindred spirit

Happy faces
always smiling.
Going places
always smiling.

Oh! Why don’t
they realize
that happy faces
can also cry.

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World Building Is Key To a Great Story

When I first started working on my short stories about fate, relationships, and love, I was so focused on the people and their stories, that I didn’t pay much attention to where they were.

As the stories developed, my characters needed some place to be doing what they were doing, and I didn’t know where that was. Needless to say, that put the brakes on the stories. I could take it only so far without more context.

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Allow Your Characters to Break Free

When we start thinking about a story, we have a vague notion of who our characters are, how they’ll act, and what the outcome will be. Writing the story is a matter of filling in the blanks of why, and when, and who else is part of it.

As most of us writers come to find out, our characters take us in directions we didn’t expect. We have to make a choice on whether to follow that character’s own ideas, or force it into our own pre-determined box for him or her.

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